Elevate the Standard – Convention 2015

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Save the Date: April 19 - 21, 2015 

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“I believe we need to rediscover the power we have as photographic artists. We need an elevated understanding of the mind, the heart and the art.  This understanding enables us to not only persuade but to inspire and give far beyond the capabilities of a piece of paper or canvas.  What if an image could actually elevate affection, heal a relationship, bring deep and meaningful peace or meet another emotional need? How would such an image be perceived in the mind of the owner?  What value would it possess? We need to do everything in our power to learn to create such images.  Then we will separate ourselves from the masses.”   David Peters

Our Lineup Contains:
-  David Peters

-  Lissa Hatcher (sponsored by WHCC)  “Story Catching…you got this!”

-  Bobby Carlsen (sponsored by H&H)

-  Chris Garner and Cathy Anderson: “Bustin’ Out: Use Volume Photography to Promote Your Custom Portrait Studio”

-  Amanda Holloway

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